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American Super Sports is the premier online game table and basketball equipment store.

We offer free shipping on all of our game room products including air hockey tables, bubble hockey tables, foosball tables, shuffleboard tables, ping pong tables, basketball hoops, billiards, pool tables, bumper pool tables, gambling tables, classic arcade games, pinball machines, popcorn machines, and much more.

We carry products from the largest manufacturers including First Team, Goalrilla, Gared, and Lifetime basketball goals, Carrom, Playcraft, Garlando, Harvard game tables, Dynamo air hockey, Tornado foosball, Stiga table tennis, Killerspin ping pong, Stern Pinball, Super Chexx, Venture Shuffleboard, Shelti game tables, pub tables and spectator chairs, DMI Sports, and Great American air hockey and pool tables.

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We specialize in providing only the highest quality, heavy-duty basketball hoops and basketball goals available in the United States.

We carry all types of basketball goals; inground systems, portable basketball goals, pool side hoops, and wall mount models, as well as associated basketball equipment and accessories to go with your goals. Buy a quality basketball goal system from American Super Sports today!

Shuffleboard has been around in different forms for over 500 years. It was originally brought to America by the British colonists. Shuffleboard has since transformed to be played for decades in taverns, the decks of cruise ships, on concrete slabs at public parks, and on beautiful handcrafted tables in people's homes. If you would like to introduce your family, institution, or business to the classic pastime of shuffleboard - you have come to the right place.

Shuffleboard tables are usually a center-piece for recreation rooms or game rooms. Few table games can compare with shuffleboard tables in the decorative appearance, variety in types of games, multi-player formats, and enjoyment for all ages. One of the great things about shuffleboard is that it is not just one game with a single set of rules. There are different variations of games and rules. Games like Horse Collar, Knock off, and Crazy Eights are just to name a few.

Competition Shuffleboard tables are generally 22 ft long. Now tables are sold all in 2 ft increments all the way to 12 ft long and even come in 9 ft sizes! We generally recommend 2 feet of space at each end of the table to allow space for playability. When choosing the size table you will also need to consider the ability to carry the length of table into your home and make all turns required. We recommend extending an extension ladder to the length you would like and using it as a guide to make sure you can maneuver that length into your home or business. Now that you know what size, let's figure out what type is best for you!

There are three categories of Shuffleboard tables - Commercial , Premium Home, and Home tables. Home Shuffleboard tables are generally between 9 and 16 ft long and 28 inches in width. Home Shuffleboard tables like the Playcraft Woodbridge and Berner Standard shuffleboard tables are great options for the beginner or game room enthusiast that wants to experience a quality table without the high cost. The tables are made with all wood but finished with laminate. They have 1.5" thick and 15" wide Maple butcher block playing surfaces that are already attached to the cradle. The table is leveled on leg levelers and comes included with everything you need to play with. These tables also have the option of Removable Bumpers which again provide a different type of game.

Premium Home Shuffleboard tables are for customers looking for a better quality on the cradle. These tables are made from all hardwood and are stained and include additional detailed wood work on the cabinet. The Playcraft Coventry, Berner Sophistication, and the Berner Limited are examples of this type of table. These tables are going to have the same play surface as your home tables but have a better quality and appearance on the actual cradle. Also in the Premium Home table category is the 9ft, 12ft, or 14ft Playcraft Greenwich or Berner Pro shuffleboard table. These tables include a commercial grade 3" thick and 20" wide Maple Butcher block play surface, detailed wood work on the cradle, climatic adjusters and overhead electronic scoring display. These are also sold in 16ft, 18ft, and 20ft sizes for the customer with the really big gameroom!

Commercial Shuffleboard tables are our last category to discuss. Venture Shuffleboard tables are domestically manufactured from all hard woods and made per order. The detailed woodwork and quality that goes into making a Venture Shuffleboard table is unmatched in the industry. These tables are available from 9 ft all the way to regulation 22 ft long. They can be custom made with custom stains and have options for overhead electronic scoring, lighting, and company logo implementation. Coin operated shuffleboard tables for commercial customers are also very profitable game room pieces and attract a more refined customer to your establishment.

Air Hockey Tables have increasingly become more popular over the last ten years. This increase is due to the fast paced exciting play, quick competitive games, and the plethora of new tables by different manufacturers. So not only has demand increased, but supply from many different sources has increased. We are here to help you determine what type of table fits your needs.

When beginning your search for the perfect air hockey table for your situation, first consider who will be playing on it. Air hockey tables are made to accommodate different levels and intensities of play. Beginner players will eventually develop their skills and need to progress to a faster premium table. Size will also be a factor when determining what table to get. Make sure you look at actual table dimensions to see the size of the table. For instance, some 7ft tables are 84" long but the playing surface is only 6.5 ft, while other 7 foot tables are 93" long with an actual 7 ft play surface. Although 8 ft tables are regulation with a 90" x 50" play surface, these are too big for a lot of gaming environments and games are actually faster paced and provide quicker scoring on 7 ft tables.

A great indicator for quality on air hockey table is weight. The heavier the table, the better quality it is going to be. All the manufacturer try to get a perfect balance between air flow, weight of puck, number of air holes, rail composite, and play surface substrate. Finding a balance of these components together, make a great performing air hockey table. Most air hockey tables perform great at first but the better quality tables maintain that performance after years of play.

Air Hockey tables are separated into 3 different levels - home, premium home, and commercial. Home tables are entry level tables. If you want an air hockey table for younger children or occasional use, this is the level you are looking for. Examples of these tables are Harvard, Carrom, DMI, Halex, and Fat Cat lines. These tables provide decent play for plenty of recreational light use, but will probably not last many years. Home tables have smaller electric fans that over time dissipate in strength contributing to dead spots. Also, cabinet construction is usually from MDF Fiberboard. This material frays over time causing small fragments to clog air holes also contributing to dead spots. These tables generally have wood rails or plastic composite rails. These tables are usually a great starting point for beginner air hockey players.

Premium Home tables are manufactured with better materials and have metal rails. Most of them also have industrial blowers or multiple fans for more consistent air volume. The play surfaces are made with better quality wood to resist denting and warping. Most of these also have infrared scoring sensors for side-mounted or overhead electronic scoring. Some have a lip on the rail to help keep the puck on the table in really fast, aggressive play. Tables in this category include Shelti air hockey, Atomic games, and Playcraft air hockey tables. These tables are recommended for customers with children 11 and over or where adults are going to be playing regularly. If taken care of, these tables should provide great play for many years.

Finally we have commercial grade air hockey tables. Commercial grade air hockey tables are broken into two categories. Coin operated air hockey tables and non-coin. The non-coin commercial tables have all the great features of coin operated except the coin shoot. Non-coin commercial tables are great for churches, institutions, businesses, or the really serious player that wants arcade quality in their home. These tables are going to all have heavy duty industrial blowers, solid ply-wood play surfaces and cabinets, and metal rails. They are all going to weigh 400+ lbs. Dynamo air hockey, Great American, and ICE tables are the commercial labels we think are the best. Whether in your home or turning profits in your business, these tables will offer you a lifetime of competition.

Take a trip around the world and you will find foosball tables on every inhabited continent. Foosball or Table Soccer has increased in popularity with fans of the world's most popular sport, Soccer! There is some dispute over who invented the first table, but it is quite possible that it was developed in several different countries around the same time. Soccer first emerged as an organized sport in Western Europe and foosball came shortly after. The name "foosball" is derived directly from the German "fussball", which literally means "football." Today, foosball tables come in many different colors, styles and designs.

Foosball table's average size is 56"L x 30" W x 35"H. When sizing up your space for a foosball table remember that the rods extend out from the cabinet an average of 8-10" on each side and a player needs at least 3 ft of space to play on each side of the table. One end of a foosball table can be placed up against a wall. The weight of a foosball table varies by manufacturer and type of table. The average weight for a foosball table is around 200lbs but they can be as light as 140 lbs all the way to 400 lbs. When playing on a foosball table with 4 people, lighter tables can have unwanted movement on them with rigorous play. Heavier tables are designed for commercial settings where moving the table is not necessary.

Foosball tables can be dangerous for small children. Most models are designed with rods that slide in and out through the table and if somebody is not careful, a child can get a rod to the face, neck or chest. In the last ten years, European manufacturers Rene Pierre and Garlando foosball have designed some of their tables with patented telescoping rods. These rods eliminate the safety issues that other standard tables’ exhibit. European tables also come traditionally with a one man goalie with inclined slopes in the corners of the table. This keeps the balls in play more and help beginning players enjoy faster play. American manufacturers like Tornado foosball and Shelti foosball went to three man goalies. Tournament professional foosball players did not like the inclined corners and preferred to control the balls in the corners with their own man. European tables are designed with more colors and modern appeal but considered a more finesse game with slower tables and narrower men. American tables are boxier and designed with more counterbalanced men and wider footings for fast play.

Other important things to look at when considering a foosball table are the composite of wood and thickness of the cabinet. You can generally tell by weight of a foosball table if it is made with quality materials. You really want to stay away from tables manufactured with fiber board or particle board. Most of your premium foosball tables will weigh over 200 lbs and have at least an inch thickness in the cabinet. Steel rods are also an important standard for premium tables. Solid steel or hollowed steel rods are both popular. Solid steel are heavier but sturdier where hollow steel rods are still durable, but lighter providing faster play. Laminate play surfaces provide for a slicker faster surface provides protection from warping and bowing.